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Learning Management System

Build your own Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) platform

Aggregate online courses from expert teachers and partner institutions, and build your own Massive Open Online Courses platform to deliver education online.

  • MoocsPlatform

    Your own MOOCs Platform

    Your own institution branded MOOCs platform with white-labelled mobile app.

  • Showcase thought leadership

    Showcase Thought Leadership

    Create, aggregate and offer online courses to your institution’s members and to the world.

  • Easy to use

    Easy-to-use Admin Dashboard

    Track, monitor and manage your online courses, learners, subscriptions and certifications.

  • Easyto setup

    Easy to Setup

    SaaS platform. Don’t need to purchase, install or maintain any hardware or software.

Share your knowledge and expertise with the world

Launch your own MOOCs to aggregate and offer online courses by leveraging the knowledge, experience and expertise of your faculty members, partners and experts from academia and industry.

  • Promote your institution as a thought leader by introducing MOOCs platform under your institution brand

  • Encourage expert faculty and partner institutions to create self-paced online courses.

  • Aggregate the online courses and deliver them through your MOOCs platform

  • Promote and offer the courses for free or at premium price to both your institution members and the global students and faculty.

  • Facilitate your students and faculty to access these online courses for improving academic performance, skilling, re-skilling and upskilling.

  • Assess the learners and Issue digitally verifiable certifications with or without uLektz Academy joint seal

Type of Online Courses Supported

Self learning

Self-paced Learning Courses

All the required study materials of the course are provided along with the online assessments for Self-paced learning. These courses are generally Open Courses that can be taken up and completed by the students at any time.

Instructor-led Online Courses

These courses include live online lectures by expert trainers and professionals through audio and video conferencing platform. These courses are generally Time-bound as they start and end on a specific date and time.


Blended Learning Courses

These courses require students to undergo hands-on training at a campus or internship at a specific / approved organisations. These courses can be either Open or Time-bound.

Course Study Materials – Formats Supported

Specific to the objective and outcome of each online course/programme, appropriate instructional pedagogies are adopted. To support various instructional pedagogies and make the course interactive, engaging and ease-to-understand, uLektz Skills online learning platform supports the delivery of course study materials in multiple formats of digital content.

Course study material
  • Video based content with/without audio
  • In-video quizzes ensuring active learning
  • PDF and other document types
  • ePUB2 (Free-flow And Fixed Layout)
  • ePUB/3 (HTML5, JavaScript, CSS3)

Online Proctored Assessments

Evaluation or assessment of students’ understanding and their performance is very critical. But, often students take up the online assessments very lightly as there is no one to invigilate or proctor the students. To highlight the importance and seriousness of the assessments and also to augment the brand value of the certificates issued, eProctored Online Assessments are increasingly used worldwide.

  • Authenticate login credentials
  • Capture students photographs through webcam
  • Verify students’ identity with eProctored photographs
  • Approve or reject certifications

Digitally Verifiable Certificates

Certificates play a vital role in online courses. Many online learning platforms offer online courses for free and charge for only certificates. So, basically students pay for the certificates and not for the courses. Thus, it shows how important the certificates are. uLektz Skills platform helps online course providers generate and issue digitally verifiable certificates with unique certificate number.

  • Certificates template management
  • Issue certificates with/without manual verification
  • Generate automated serialised unique certificate numbers
  • Provision for the verification of certificates

Administration Dashboard

Easy-to-use admin dashboard to manage all your courses, courses, learners, subscriptions and certifications

  • Create courses and upload respective course learning content

  • Track, monitor and manage the courses and their sales report

  • Track and monitor the progress of the students and their performance

  • Send instant messages and notifications to the students

  • Authenticate, verify and issue certificates

  • Manage list of partner institutions and organisations

  • Support students with on-campus trainings and internships

  • Support students with job placements through uLektz Jobs.

Empower your learners

  • Online_profile

    Online Profile

    Let your learners to create their professional online profile

  • Networking


    Facilitate your learners to connect with industry professionals

  • Careers


    Support your learners with internship and job opportunities


No Revenue Sharing – Pay as you go

You don’t need to share your revenue. Your business, your profit. Our charges are very nominal. For a quote, please contact us at support@ulektzskills.com

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Ulektz Academic